RU Chaplaincy Program

Rhema University's Chaplaincy Training Program is designed to train you for specific situations and environments for an area of ministry that is in much demand. You will have the professional ability required in meeting the demands for this type of ministry protocol; whether your placement is in hospitals, hospice, military, prisons or a variety of other placements.

Chaplain Training and Certification
Rhema University offers a comprehensive correspondence program which gives you the flexibility to work at your own pace. The RU Chaplaincy Program consists of three sections essential to effective chaplaincy training - Pastoral Care, Counseling and Crisis Management. You will be given up to 30 days to complete the course.

Obtaining RU’s professional training gives you the ability to minister to others dealing with crisis situations. Upon completion, you will be certified and licensed through Rhema University. You will receive your RU Chaplaincy Certificate and license to signify your credentials within 10 business days after successfully completing the program.

Rhema University Rewards You for Continuing Your Education
At Rhema University, we have a goal to provide continuing education. If you aspire to continue your education to the associate, bachelor, master or doctorate level, the Chaplaincy Training Course can be applied toward any degree program at Rhema University. The course is worth three college credit hours, which is the equivalent of one college course.


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