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RU Ambassador Training

Representing RU

An Ambassador of Rhema University acts as a representative of RU in their region or area. When first becoming an Ambassador of RU you will be on a 90-day probationary period and will be expected to provide a plan of action as to how you will bring students to the university. This plan must be put into action during this probationary period and produce valid results. If the 90-day probation period is completed and no valid results are produced then your Ambassadorship will be revoked. 

Your plan of action must consist of the following:

• A detailed and practical plan of action
• A time frame, including dates
• A location of where your plan will commence

Being an Ambassador of Rhema University allows you to experience many benefits such as the ability to create an Extension Campus. The Extension Campus was created to bring churches and education together in order to help build strong leadership potential. An Extension Campus is a church or building that is being used to teach Rhema Universities students. It is an opportunity for Pastors to not only bless their church with excellent leadership abilities and church growth but also to become a part of an organization that is touching the world.


Leadership is a crucial skill that is required of all of Rhema Universities Ambassadors. This is because they must be able to bring new students to the University and host events in their area. The ability to lead allows them to work separately from Rhema University without the constant need to be micromanaged. Holding a leadership position in their community will allow Ambassadors to inspire others in their community to join and become apart of Rhema University.


Being able to be transparent is a key component of our Ambassadors at Rhema University. Rhema University needs to be notified immediately when new events take place. Otherwise, if no new students or affiliations are taking place then Rhema University expects weekly reports on the progress of current affiliations or students. Failure to be transparent can possibly result in your ambassadorship being revoked.

Events: Conferences and Graduation

Rhema University expects our Ambassadors to be able to set up events in their region or area. Rhema University offers Leadership Conferences, Spiritual Growth and Development Conferences and Motivational Conferences.   RU also offers Chruch Engagements while in your area or region. The ticket prices and venue of the conference are to initially suggested by the Ambassador but must be approved by Rhema University. If any changes necessary made then Rhema University will inform you and can proceed from there. The venue for graduations must also be approved by Rhema University.

Affiliate Program

RU Ambassadors must be able to create affiliations with other schools, churches, or organizations. Rhema University’s Educational Affiliate Network offers special elite partnerships to Schools who have Bachelors to Masters Degrees, and would like to incorporate Masters to Doctorate Degrees; Bible Institutes with validating work and Degrees; Churches and Ministries in assisting with programs that need Credits, Certifications and or Degrees.

Ambassador Duties

Rhema University’s Ambassadors are essential to achieving RU’s goal to empower students, to become leaders in their communities, for a life of enduring commitment to Christ, biblical fidelity, moral integrity, intellectual growth and lasting contribution to the Kingdom of God worldwide.

Below are the duties of an RU Ambassador
• Continuously produce new students.
• Remain constantly transparent
• Host conferences in your area.
• Reach out and work with other leaders or ministry networks in their community.

I understand that by filling the input above I have completed my Ambassador Training and I’m ready to move forward