Ms. Cynthia Mack

Ambassador/Adjunct  Rhema University Chaplaincy

Ms. Cynthia Mack

Rhema University is pleased to annouced Ms. Cynthia Mack as one of our Ambassador.

Ms. Cynthia Mack serves as an Elder in a Christian based church. Additionally, she is a Christian-based Counselor, Certified Chaplain, Minister and Ambassador. She has a Master’s in Christian Counseling from Rhema University and a certificate in chaplaincy.

Her highest achievement is overcoming a life of drug and alcohol addiction.  Ms. Mack tried man’s way to stop using drugs to cope with her past to no avail. What finally worked is when she surrendered her life to God and received the Holy Spirit in 2002. She fell deeply in love with The Lord and His word and that freed her from a life of sin. Due to her tumultuous past of drug and alcohol addiction, she gives honor and praise to God for bringing her out of the depths of despair to now walk in love and righteousness.  Additionally, Ms. Mack uses her testimony to create an unparalleled connection to counsel addicts. Her success allows her to help them push pass the pain and heal by using the love of God. Her mantra is, “He made it that way, so no one gets the credit.”

Ms. Mack has had an extensive 20-year career in the healthcare field. She also is an Ambassador at Rhema University, where she assists scholars with achieving their educational goals. Her work with the school has led her to being acknowledged in a book titled, Thy Faith Fail Not, by Pastor Wisdom. Ms. Mack has also had the honor of participating in the “Loud the Volume Remnant Rise” (meaning be loud in the earth about the things of God) Conference. Her ministry is named ‘Catalytic Breakthrough” which also participates in a worldwide fast that reaches over 3,000 members over Facebook and TikTok.

Finally, in her spare time, Ms. Mack also enjoys knitting prayer shawls with a sword emblem, which represents her conviction to stand strong in the faith.

Adjunct Professor Cynthia Mack Greeting

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