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Once you hit on the link for the exam you will view it as PDF file 8you will have to download the file to print and complete.

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This is New Testament your next course when you are ready the link will be activated.

As per your request, here is the list of courses did you have to take in order to finalize the doctorate degree program in theology. Please understand that this list can be altered as our review team continues to review your submitted courses.
BI 101   Old Testament Survey (6)
BI 150   New Testament Survey
PL 630   Building Pastoral Relationships 
PL  654  Current Theological Trends 
HE 651  Hermeneutics II 
TH 291  Covenant Theology
TH 203  Theology III
PL 683   Mastering Contemporary Preaching *Elective 
TH 698  Practical Research & Field Development II